Night Vision Army Technology - App Reviews

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Ne marche pas !


Rien ne marche tous bugg

Zero rating

This is zero rayon app

Not a Utility

Should not be listed as a utility as it isnt. It is merely entertainment and should be listed as such as it merely apply lame filters on the camera

This shi t doesnt work


False advertising-Apple Rejection criteria violation

This app does not perform as advertised, and the screenshots do not represent the product. This app goes against the Apple criterias for certification, and should be removed.


Well how can I put this.... It doesnt work!!! Totally useless. Hope youre sorry for wasting my time.

Stupid app

It use all your Time and after it does nothing!!


Its a hot steaming pile of crap waste of time

Wannabe night vision

I have never been more dissatisfied with any app as I did with this. To say its not very good is a huge understatement. I cant believe they are even calling it night vision more like no vision. Pathetic waste of time. Dont waste your time it doesnt even come close to real thing or even close to a childs toy.


Does nothing. Simple as that.


It doesnt do anything!

Does nothing

This app doesnt allow you to see in the dark or anything. This shouldnt be listed as night vision googles.


I would rate half a star but I cant, thus app is the worst ever, and Ive seen soon pretty bad apps

rip off

stay away from this virus.


Doesnt work, full of pop up ads...crap

Worst app

Couldnt see a thing! Waste of time


Just uses the camera with a tint green.

Zero Stars

App doesnt work and you get hit with all kinds of ads. Do not get this app!


Wish I could give it 0 stars doesnt work at all

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